Moving Mountains with Sasha

S6_E10: Meet FM Ellis, Author of My Life as a Lemon

September 28, 2020
Faye Ellison was a happy and trusting kid. Always surrounded by her cousins, aunts, uncles, and her loving young parents. Everything was normal for the lower-middle-class family that lived on Ferguson Avenue. The family of five took modest vacations, enjoyed holiday gatherings, took long summer drives, and threw birthday parties. Then something happened to Faye, and the house with a family of five would forever be changed. The shift was gradual, but it was a shift. Her mom, Madeline thought Jesus would work it out while her Dad, Adam inundated the family with the movement. But there was something more sinister that neither could repair. Something that drove Faye to drink, contemplate suicide, murder even. My Life As A Lemon unveils the secrets of those closest to us and how the struggles of those secrets seeped into every aspect of life. Now forty years after the shift…it’s confession time. Credit: FM Ellis, Excerpt from My Life as a Lemon.


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