Moving Mountains with Sasha

S6_E5: Meet Emmitt Muckles, Entrepreneur and Speaker

September 1, 2020

Emmitt Muckles is a trainer, speaker, entrepreneur and a person who deeply cares about the well-being of others. For many years of his life, he struggled with stress in his life which was born from a single place, that being financial ignorance. Emmitt was trying his best to put on the presentation of everything is great and dandy in his life but the issue of finances made other areas of his life magnify negatively, all the stress was caused by the constant financial stress of living up to what society had programmed me to believe. The message, physical stuff made him happy, the newer the physical stuff, the happier his life. Learn what happened to Emmitt which inspired him to adjust his life goals and through these events the Billionaire Lifestyle was born. The lesson he has learned is being made available to everyone. Pay it forward and plant the seeds of prosperity is the goal of the Billionaire Lifestyle platform. Bio Credit: Emmitt Muckles.

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