Moving Mountains with Sasha

S6_E8: Meet Jabril Mack, Award-Winning Writer & Animator

September 7, 2020

After scoring five million views and the attention of Nickelodeon with his children's series sensation "The Weeklings," award-winning animator Jabril Mack is using social media to entertain a new generation of diverse animation fans. In summer of 2019, Mack independently launched "The Weeklings," a comedy series starring the Days of the Week, on YouTube and TikTok. It has since gone on to rack up millions of video views and gained more than 180 thousand followers across social media platforms. Mack and his collaborators create new seven-minute episodes of "The Weeklings" on YouTube every month, as well as daily content for the show's TikTok and Instagram followers. It's not only kids online who are noticing the innovative talent and effort that Mack puts into "The Weeklings." The show's success has caught the attention of media behemoths like Disney and Nickelodeon, who have asked Mack to pitch new ideas for their studios. Intro Credit: Press Release (March 2020), The Barrett Company, LLC.

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